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Drzewo kategorii: napęd / stabilizatory

GYROFIN Stabilisers


GYROFIN Stabilisers
Sperry Marine, a leader in ship stabilisation, introduces the next generation of ship stabilisers that feature a new digital control system, the 'Lift Control' design and upgraded machinery units. We have applied the latest advances in technology to a proven and robust design resulting in a system that truly delivers ship comfort and safety even in the roughest seas.
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Litton Marine Systems
Stueckenstrasse 1, 22081 Hamburg, GERMANY
phone: (49)(40)299000, fax: (49)(40)29900146

Drzewo kategorii: napęd / stabilizatory / stabilizatory przechyłowe

Simplex Compact Fin Stabilisers


Simplex Compact Fin Stabilisers
The development of modern ferries, passenger cruise-liners and yachts has led to an increasingly high level of technical demand for stabilisation of roll motion of up to 90%. In the design phase of individual stabiliser projects, specific information concerning the length, breadth, draught, displacement, GM and speed, aswell as the relevant EWS-value, of the ship is taken into account in the calculations for the stabilisers in order to provide the required level of roll reduction.
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B+V Industrietechnik GmbH
Hermann-Blohm-Straße 5, 20457 Hamburg, GERMANY
phone: +40 (40) 3011-1657, fax: +49 (40) 3011-1997

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