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  Morska Encyklopedia Internetowa
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1-150 z 1494 haseł rozpoczynających się od: "t"
1. T76. tail shaft
2. T-AP77. tail splice
3. T-bar78. tail tackle
4. T-beam79. tail-shaft liner
5. T-R cell80. Tailshaft
6. T-R switch81. taint
7. T.B.82. tainting damage
8. T.Dk83. take a bearing
9. T.H.P.84. take a cast
10. T.I.B85. take a caulk
11. t.l.o.86. take a fisherman's reef
12. T.M.87. take a list
13. T.R., t.r.88. take a sight
14. t.s.s.89. take a turn
15. T.S.S. - twin-screw steamer90. take an order
16. T.T.91. take charge of...
17. T.U.92. take ground
18. T.Z.93. take in sail
19. T/C94. take in the slack
20. T/S95. take in tow
21. tab96. take out a kink
22. tab angle97. take out a rope
23. tabernacle98. take over
24. table cloth99. take over duties
25. table land100. take part in...
26. table of computed altitude and azimuth101. take soundings
27. Table of Denial Orders102. take the beach
28. table shore103. take the bottom
29. tablemount104. take the con
30. tabling105. take the ground
31. tabling needle106. take the sea
32. tabular107. take to pieces
33. tabular berg108. take up
34. tabular rudder109. take up an agency
35. tachogenerator110. take up mesh
36. tachometer111. take way off the ship
37. tack112. taken aback
38. tack about113. taken by the lee
39. tack and half tack114. taken from work
40. tack cringle115. taking in
41. tack dew116. taking off
42. tack line117. taking ullage
43. tack purchase118. talk back sailer
44. tack tackle119. talking beacon
45. tack-free resin120. tall ship
46. tacking121. tallier
47. tacking down wind122. tally
48. tacking round123. tally book
49. tacking ship124. tally clerk
50. tacking to leeward125. tally on
51. tackle126. tallyman
52. tackle clause127. talus
53. tackle upon tackle128. tampwork
54. TACT129. tan
55. tactical countermeasures130. tandem propellers
56. tactical diameter131. tandem rudder
57. tactical mining132. tangency
58. tactics of fishing133. tangent method
59. tadpole tail134. tangent screw
60. taffrail135. tangential induced velocity
61. taffrail log136. tangential resistance
62. tag137. tangential velocity
63. tag line138. tangle net
64. tagged fish139. tangs
65. Taiga140. tank
66. tail141. tank barge
67. tail block142. Tank cleaning
68. tail clutch143. Tank cleaning machines
69. tail end144. Tank cleaning validation (TCV) system
70. tail fuse145. tank cleaning vessel
71. tail jiger146. tank container
72. tail of (rudder) blade147. Tank cover
73. tail of bank148. tank dome
74. tail on149. tank farm
75. tail section of the rudder blade150. tank heating line

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