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  Morska Encyklopedia Internetowa
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1-150 z 280 haseł rozpoczynających się od: "ro"
1. R.O.R.C.76. Roll-on/roll-off system
2. Ro-flow77. roll-out
3. ro-lo-flo system78. roll-trailer
4. Ro-Ro79. rolled
5. Ro-ro cargo handling gear80. Rolled container guides
6. Ro-ro cargo space81. rolled plate
7. Ro-ro passenger ship82. roller
8. ro-ro ship83. roller bearing
9. roach84. roller chain
10. road trailer85. roller chock
11. road train86. roller cloud
12. road(s)87. roller fairlead
13. roadster88. roller gear
14. roaring forties89. roller reef
15. Rob Roy90. roller reefing gear
16. robinet91. roller rule
17. robot weapon92. roller sheave
18. rocha93. rolling
19. rock94. rolling bobbin
20. rock bar95. rolling breaker
21. rock barnacles96. Rolling cargo
22. rock bottom97. rolling damping coefficient
23. rock lobster98. rolling error
24. rock off99. rolling gunwhales under
25. rock salmon100. rolling hitch
26. rock toe101. rolling hoop
27. rock wool102. rolling mill
28. rockbound103. rolling moment
29. rocker keel104. rolling period
30. rockered keel105. rolling swell
31. rocket106. rolling-out
32. rocket apparatus107. rolls
33. rocket engine108. Rolux wheelless cassette system
34. rocket fire control109. ROM
35. rocket launcher110. RON (Research Octane Number)
36. rocket line111. rooky
37. rocket ship112. room temperature
38. rocket socket113. rooming
39. rocket tests114. roost
40. rocket-assisted depth charge115. rooster tail
41. rocket-assisted torpedo116. root
42. rockfishes117. root of pier
43. rocking118. root section
44. rocking poppet119. root-leg
45. rocking shackle120. roove
46. rocking-chair gallow121. roove clinker nail
47. rocky coast122. rooving
48. rocky patch123. Ropax
49. rod and chain steering gear124. rope
50. rod fender125. rope clamp
51. rod meter126. rope clip
52. rod rigging127. rope core
53. rod stocks128. rope drum
54. rode lina129. rope fender
55. roe130. rope gauge
56. rogue131. rope ladder
57. rogue's march132. rope making
58. rogue's yarn133. rope shackle
59. roker134. rope sling
60. roll135. rope socket
61. roll angle indicator136. rope stops
62. roll cloud137. rope varn
63. roll cumulus138. rope working
64. roll damping fins139. rope's end
65. roll of hose140. ropehouse
66. roll on/roll off ferry141. ropewalk
67. roll on/roll off ship142. roping
68. roll on/roll off system143. roping needle
69. roll over144. roping twine
70. Roll stabilisation145. Roro cargo vessel - no hatches
71. roll stabilization device146. rorqual
72. roll tacking147. rose
73. roll template148. rose box
74. roll-call of traffic149. rose lashing
75. roll-on/roll-off lift-on/lift-off float-on/float-off (system)150. rosefish

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