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  Morska Encyklopedia Internetowa
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1-150 z 185 haseł rozpoczynających się od: "no"
1. n.o.e.76. noon interval
2. N.O.I.B.N.77. noon position
3. n.o.s.78. noose
4. No79. NOR
5. no ability80. nor' easter
6. no bottom sounding81. nor'wester
7. no cure - no pay82. normal air
8. no higher!83. normal atmosphere
9. no man's land84. normal centre of Earth
10. No oil85. normal latitude
11. no room to swing a cat86. Normal operational and habitable condition
12. no thrust advance coefficient87. normal resistance
13. no torque advance coefficient88. normal shrinkage
14. no-bolt helmet89. normal trimming hold
15. no-failure operation90. normalising
16. no-no!91. norman
17. No. 2 oil92. Norman pin
18. No. 5 oil93. norsal
19. No. 6 oil94. norsalling
20. nobb95. norsel
21. nock96. norseller
22. noctilucent cloud97. Norske Veritas
23. nocturnal radiation98. norte
24. node99. north
25. node point100. north about
26. noheart crude101. North Atlantic Bottom Water
27. noise102. North Atlantic Central Water
28. noise level103. North Atlantic Current
29. noise limiter104. North Atlantic Deep Water
30. noise range105. North Atlantic tracks
31. noise suppression106. north by east
32. NOL107. north by west
33. NOL ring108. north cone
34. nominal horse-power109. north equatorial current
35. nominal mean wake110. north geographic
36. nominal pitch111. north geomagnetic
37. nominal slip112. North Indian Water
38. nominal wake113. North Pacific Central Water
39. non air inhibited resin114. North Pacific Current
40. non rusting115. North Pole
41. non watertight116. north stabilized heading
42. non-capsizable ship117. North Star
43. non-conference carrier118. North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention
44. non-contact shot119. north-easter
45. non-dimensional damping coefficient120. north-northeast
46. non-directional sonobuoy121. north-northwest
47. non-displacement craft122. north-seeking pole
48. non-displacement mode123. north-up display
49. non-failure operation124. northbound
50. non-ferrous metals125. northeast
51. non-follow-up steering126. northeast by east
52. non-geared vessel127. northeast by north
53. non-magnetic materials128. northeast monsoon
54. non-magnetic minesweeper129. northeast passage
55. non-powered boat130. northeasterly
56. non-propelled vessel131. northeastward
57. non-retractable stabilizer132. northeastward(s)
58. non-return valve133. norther
59. non-returnable134. northerly
60. non-reversible135. northern fur seal
61. non-selfpropelled ship136. northern grade
62. non-standard137. northern lights
63. non-uniform visibility138. northern lobster
64. Non-volatile petroleum139. Northern Range
65. non-wanted baggage140. northing
66. non-woven fabrics141. northward
67. noncumulative clause142. northward(s)
68. nonharmonic143. northwest
69. nonharmonic constants144. northwest by north
70. nonmagnetic vessel145. northwest by west
71. nonpropelled barge146. northwest monsoon
72. nonspinning rope147. northwest passage
73. nontidal current148. northwester
74. nontoppling block149. northwesterly
75. noon150. northwestward(s)

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